TOP TIPS : Let’s go more interactive !

Thank for the interest in my website; you are more and more to read it every week.

What I propose to you this week is to start a more interactive way of sharing best practices on Cycling. has started a kind of mutation with first for the riders I coached with their own training platform

What I propose to you is to build together the content of my future website !
So let’s try this move to more interactivity step by step.

You have question about training, powermeter use, you struggle with your current training ?
Let’s ask me directly on your issue  or interest … I have already received some message about powermeter ban in next Tour but let’s not spoil !

You have up to the First of May to send me your question (it could be training, power training, cycling events, …. up to you guys  !).

I will reply deeply to the 10 best interesting questions from early May


How to send my question ?

Very simple, you can use the form of the website (do not forget to put Top Tips in the message subject) or you you can send an email directly to : .


Good luck for your submission and check regularly your email, I will post my answer in my website with a specific article.

Train smart and have Fun !



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