Time is flying ..

Welcome on my new Blog; time is flying
So much time has passed from the first version of this website, it was in 2005 when I started my collaboration with Cofidis Cycling team (see the picture of young coach testing the first SRM installed).
At that time  young riders were Bradley Wiggins and Sylvain Chavanel…
I spent three seasons in this time before leaving it in 2008.
From that time I went to United Kingdom to improve my coaching skills and experience within ABCC & British Cycling.
After completing my Level 2 & 3 graduation, I built my own company to coach individuals.

In 2014, I got the great honor to receive the title of Senior British Cycling Coach from the Association of British Cycling Coaches.

When I look back from today (December 2018), I have to confess that I do not realize all the titles won and all the experience gained from 2005.
To illustrate my coaching path I have decided to share in my first post two memories.

The first one is U23 French TT Championship with a young rider called Romain Lemarchand; we decided together the pace on the circuit to help him to be able to accelerate in the last 10km. I was following the time split on internet and indeed Romain was late at any split except on the finish line. What an emotional day !

Romain then became professional and raced for Ag2r, Cofidis, Stolting, Cult Energy, ….


The second one  popping up in my mind is the Rio Paralympics campaign in 2016 with Joel Jeannot.
In 2014, we won the world championship and all the dashboard was green for Rio.

Unfortunately Joel suffered a tremendous crash during his 2015 preparation leading him to heavy surgery and completely stopped his training.
Joel overcame this crash and started to train in August 2015. We ran together a long Time Trial up to Rio with a Bronze medal ! It was the first time I cried for cycling.

After this exhaustive experience, I took some time for me.
I experienced a bad disease and then started to practice intensively Martial Art (I needed to change my mind).
I discovered a new way of life and it changed a lot the my coaching style. If you are curious about my new challenge you can visit my Martial Art Website (available in English and French).


During this year I received a lot of demand to re-activate my personal cycling website and share my experience.
So here we are ! 
You will find in this blog training tips, performance tips and my cycling path; I hope you will find it useful!

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  1. George mattson - December 28, 2018 Reply

    Good luck with your revised website Lionel. Looks very interesting.

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