Happy New Year !

2019 has started letting behind us the good & bad memories of 2018.

I take the opportunity of this post to wish a fantastic 2019 year to you and your family.

2019 is a new and exciting year taking into account that 2020 the Olympic & Paralympic games will take place in Tokyo. Countdown has already started for lot of cyclists & Para-Cyclists !

To share my experience and present you the fantastic champions who are the Paracyclists, I will present you soon some key points on Para-Cycling on specific articles.

On my side, I continue to work to improve my coaching and hope to be in Tokyo in 2020.
I have too some Martial Arts challenges in front of me (for that, please have a look at Konchin Website).

To finish this post, I wanted to share a quote from Ben Okri that became my moto since the London 2012 paralympic games.
Indeed, during the week between the two games I was walking in London as I used to do (I love this city) and arrived in front of the Memorial Gates where is written the  final line of his Ben Okri poem ‘Turn on your light’ – Our future is greater than our past.

That’s exactly what I think in the first day of this new year, time is flying but the greater is in front of us.

Have a fantastic and great 2019 year.

Let’s train and have fun !




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