First Cycling memory I have was in 1989 near Bordeaux watching near my Grand Parents home the Tour de France with the battle between 2 cycling legends : Laurent Fignon & Greg LeMond.

I watched on TV the famous epilogue in the Champs Elysee with 8 sec win for LeMond.
In 1991 I was with my parents in the ‘Col du Somport’, that was the last day in Yellow Jersey for Greg LeMond and that was the starting point of Miguel Indurain incredible wins in the Tour.
I went back to home and the only thing I wanted was to buy a road bike and go for race.
I started to race 2 years later and discover how hard it was to build adequate training and find the good balance between training, races and school.
I’ve tested many training tools but the most difficult for me that the most efficient tools for non pro riders was only heart rate monitor and I had in that time a out of ordinary Heart with a max at 218bpm and LT @198bpm (I was 23!).
In that time I decided to start to improve my cycling physiology knowledge and as Engineer wanted to investigate cycling biomechanics.
That was the starting point of power based training methods not very well known and devlopped in that time.
I finished my racing in 2003 after having known French & Spanish Cycling.
I worked for different cycling training tools companies (Cycleops, SRM, POLAR, …) and started to develop a method based on wattage.
In 2003 I started to coach some Pro Riders as individuals ans in 2004, I was approached by Cofidis Cycling Team to develop with them my method.
We were the first French team to generalize powermeter use in races (now it’s obvious but not at that time …).
That was the starting point of a new life with lots of fantastic adventures and challenges.
In 2009 I created Race Clean Structure to support young pro riders mainly.
From that Time I coached several cycling disciplines : Road, Time Trial, Track Endurance, Para-Cycling, HandBike, Triathlon and I hope this list is far from to be finished!