A list of good coaching memories :



Wind Tunnel Testing



Track aero Optimization


Aero Optimization for Sylvain Chavanel leading to victory in  French TT Championship


Eindhoven Team Time Trial Preparation



Maxime Monfort 12th rank in Vuelta for 2nd year in Pro Tour



Sebastien Chavanel Sprint victory


Young British Rider coaching in Belgium


Track Cycling preparation

Track Pursuit Preparation


U23 French Championship : Romain Lemarchand



U23 Chrono des nations : last victory for Romain in U23 before going to UCI World Tour.



Paris-Tour Epic break for Geoffroy Lequatre

2nd rank for Geoffrey Lequatre in TT French Championship

Laurent Thirionet Paralympic games preparation (London 2012)


Sprint Victory in Malta !

Time Trial Preparation


Hand Bike Preparation for World Championships


World Championship Victory for Joel Jeannot


Para-Cycling World Cup Victory


Rio Paralympic bronze Medal for Joel Jeannot what a fantastic day !


Rio Podium


As a summary, here the collection of jerseys of the riders I coached :

That represents piece of life a little more than two decades ….