Circuit Training for Cycling

Circuit Training is a method of resistance training or weight training maximizing the volume of work done in a limited period of time. It consists of performing several exercises on multiple body parts in a row, with little rest in between exertions. The aim is to train different muscular groups consecutively. The most common sequence is legs exercise then arms […]

Cycling and Heart Rate

Heart Rate monitoring is the basis of numerous sports training & monitoring.  The first heart rate monitor was sold in the 80’s and used during the Tour de France early in the 90’s. Greg LeMond in the Tour’90 using Heart Rate Monitor When I was competing in road cycling, as a rider, I learned how […]

Time is flying ..

Welcome on my new Blog; time is flying … So much time has passed from the first version of this website, it was in 2005 when I started my collaboration with Cofidis Cycling team (see the picture of young coach testing the first SRM installed). At that time  young riders were Bradley Wiggins and Sylvain […]