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Thursday, April 26, 2018  
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Training Basics

Training Basics

Need to know the basis of physiology and better understand your body adaptation to effort.

Let's have a click on this
page and words like overcompensation, overtraining, training recovery will have no secret for you !!


Training Zones

Training Zones

Different kind of efforts, different pain; need to understand yourself better ?
ABCC/BCF Training Zones will help you to understand your body better and will help you to manage better your ride.

With some experience or with the help of a qualified Coach let's go to plan your training using this zones.


HR Training Zones

Training with HR

If you have an Heart -Rate Monitor and want to use it well; this page has been created for you.

You can use the Heart Rate Training Zones Calculator
to define your personal zones and begin to ride at the good intensity.


Training periodization


Some useful guidelines to begin to plan your training within the cycling season.

Which kind of training for which period of the year.


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