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Thursday, April 26, 2018  
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Cycling Path

Even as a rider I've always been interested in performance analysis.

After some years of training I understood the limitations of old concept of training and I tried to build my method at the end of the nineties.

I took an important role to develop power training in Europe dealing directly with Powertap manufacturer Cycleops.

My first website was dealing with powermeters utility and interest of training zones. Thanks to Cycleops support we performed  good job together as nowadays, power meter is considered as a must to have for Modern cyclists.

At the end of 2004 Cofidis Pro Team asked me to collaborate with them. I began with them as Peformance Engineer in charge of Aerodynamics optimisation and Wind Tunnel workshop. I was happy to work on Stuart O’Grady bike for the 2005 Giro Prologue.

End of 2005, I joined the Staff at part time as Performance Engineer and Coach. I took part as secure platform development to share riders data with all the staff.I was too in charge of young riders coaching such as Maxime Monfort (now Leopard Team member).

December 2005 : 1st official collaboration with British Cycling


December 2005 is an important stage in my cycling path a I began to share with Endurance GB team as Cofidis Coach (Bradley Wiggins was a Cofidis rider).

After some days spent in Manchester I realised that we have a common point of view with British Cycling.

It appeared for me as an evidence to join British Cycling when I stopped to work with French Team even if some French journalists considered it as a great loss for French Cycling.

This decision was for me an evidence as I didn’t get any support for my national federation from the 1st start of my coaching involvement in 2003.

I’ve been awarded by the Association of British Cycling Coaches as Level 3 Coach and by the British Cycling Federation as Level 3 coach (Road & Time Trial). I really enjoyed the BC Training and would like to thanks British Cycling Coaching Teams.

On an experience point of view I began to Coach Elite riders in 2005 and I’m considered as Power training specialist. I've worked with some great riders such as Sebastien Chavanel, Geoffory Lequatre, ...

Generally, riders are requesting my help to improve ethically their performance and some federations or coaches associations are requesting my help to present my cycling way of thinking.

I presented my method to Hungarian Federation in 2006, French Federation asked me to present aero optimisation in 2007 and I received the great honour to present modern training to the last power pedal conference in UK.

Nowaday, I continue to coach & educate young riders through RACE CLEAN Method from amateurs to World Class riders.

 I made some training too to sport practicians such as I made in the European Institute of chriropractics in order to present them performance coaching and training optimisation.


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