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Thursday, April 26, 2018  
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British Cycling Coach

December 2005 was an important stage in my cycling path a I began to share with Endurance GB team as Cofidis Coach (Bradley Wiggins was a Cofidis rider). 

After some days spent in Manchester I realised that we have a common point of view with British Cycling and GB squad supported me a lot.

As a a consequence of this great relationship with British Cycling, it appeared for me as an evidence to join BC when I stopped to work with French Team.

Some French journalists considered it as a great loss for French Cycling but at this time did French Cycling really want a young coach with engineering knowledge? C'est la vie....

I began my British Cycling Coaching qualification with the Association of British Cycling Coaches (ABCC).

I was delighted to read the training courses  written by Ramin Minovi a fantastic Coach and educator.

I gained the ABCC  Level 3 Coach Award after assessments on coaching, physiology, aerodynamics, performance, analysis, sport psychology and I would like to thanks once more ABCC coaches to welcome me in 2008.



I continued my coaching qualification  with British Cycling Team following the common path : 
-  Level 2
-  Level 2 Road & Time Trial
-  Level 3
-  Level 3 Road & Time Trial

I'm now proud to be a British Cycling Coach awarded by the United Kingdom Coaching certificate.

During all this qualification process, I was happy to meet great British Cycling Coaches such as Mark Wilcox, Lewis Hall, Martin Nash, Jim Sampson or Marshall Thomas.

I got the chance to meet too fantastic triathlete and Cycling Coach Tanja Slater.

Nowaday, I continue to share with a lot of British Coaches.

In order to keep in touch and to share my cycling point of view, l write regularly in the Official Cycle Coaching Journal

End of 2010 I got the chance and the honour to share my coaching point of view with British Cycling Coaches during annual Power Pedal Conference held in Coventry (UK).

I will try to follow my British Path perhaps soon to develop power meters use in UK ....

In parallel, I continue to ride my bike ande I recently joined the London Dynamo Cycling Club.

A French British Cycling Coach; funny isn't it ?


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British Cycling Coach

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