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Thursday, April 26, 2018  
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TOP10 Sept'11

You didn’t stick on your commitments to release TOP10 questions in Bi-Monthly basis, why did you let us without news for such long time ?

You’re absolutely right and my apologies for that. 2011 has been an huge year for me with 5 Professional Riders to coach whom gained great results with victory.

In the same time I developed CoachMyRide Application the first cycling training app for iPhone.

One of your riders Geoffroy Lequatre claimed a 3rd rank in French National Championship ; what a surprise for a non specialist!

This result shows the good level of Geoffroy and the good work he performed. We began to speak about TT in November last year and we built session after session his body to overcome the effort requested for top National Performance in TT.

Congrats Lionel, Sebastien Chavanel claimed his first victory in 4 years!

Thanks, I was really happy for him. I coached Sebastien during 2005 season.

We rebuilt totally his way of training as the previous training method used by Sebastien was too hard with not enough recovery. Sebastien called me in November last year and we discussed a lot to optimise all. We are of course satisfied to have a victory and we hope to soon another one.

Last year you helped Florent Barle to gain a Pro Contract in Cofidis Team, how was his first pro season?

Florent did not raced a lot this year as he had iliac surgery in June. After an impressive work performed the surgery Florent has began to race from 2 weeks and is in pretty good condition. We are now focused on 2012 season.

Are you still involved in British Cycling ?

Of course and I’m really proud to be a British Cycling Coach, as you know the last months were busy ones allowing me not sufficient time to support BC.

We are now working on it and British Cycling Coaches will be soon able to be in touch me through British Cycling website.

Could you present in some words CoachMyride iPhone App ?

CoachMyRide is the first cycling training application available in iPhone. The aim of this demearch was to transform each ride in structured training session.

It allows cyclists to train on behalf of just riding making them fitter and stronger.

In CoachMyRide V1, 99 workouts are available for 3 different levels of fitness (beginner/ recreational / advanced).

Is CoachMyride only available for iPhone ?

For the moment, CoachMyRide is only available for iPhone but and Android version will be available soon.

Are you only coaching French riders ?

Of course not, some Elite French Riders asked me to coach them as they know my experience in France; I’m coaching too British Riders (quite normal for a British Cycling Coach) and a belgian riders.

What would you be your first advise for a teenager hoping to be one day pro rider ?

My first advise will be very simple, enjoy your rides. You can’t tend to become Elite Rider without this level of passion.

Are you interested in organising some training camps ?

I’ve been contacted by some camps to make some camps, I honestly did not have enough time to build this project due to CoachMyRide development but I’m still open for camps.

TOP10 Nov'10


Here are the TOP10 Questions, many messages received during these last week. October and November were huge Months with Power Pedal Conference in Coventry, Romain Lemarchand crash, new comers in RACECLEAN.
Thanks again for all those who contributed by their questions to this TOP10.


Congrats for the great Paris Tours realised by Geoffroy Lequatre . Did this strategy was planned ?

The week before the race we spoke strategy with Geoffroy, he was convinced it was a possibility to win, with the training done he knew he was able to perform this kind of effort. 300m missing but that was an impressive performance for cycling fans. For me it was quite logical; now we are focused on next season.

Some pictures of your talk on Power Pedal conference were released. Could you please tell us more about this talk ?
The talk was ‘performance coaching with modern tools’, I focus of the way of using training tools with rider feedback and perception; We made an outlook on doping prevention and biomechanical passport.
How was the reaction of British Cycling Coaches listening to French coach ?
As for every talk I make I define SMARTER GOALS for the audience and one was ‘Understand French accent’....
More seriously I was astonished by the great feedback I received. I really enjoyed this week end with ABCC Coaches. I met fantastic coaches and persons; once more I would like to thank all the British Cycling Coaches community.

We are now working on some new articles for Cycle Coaching Magazine.
In November a conference was held in France about coaching. Why won’t you attend this event ?
The reason is simple, firstly I was not invited; secondly the same week end I was in UK with British Cycling Coaches Community. Moreover I’m qualified in UK; not in France.
One RACECLEAN rider Romain Lemarchand had a very bad crash, Is he well recovering ?
Romain had a bad crash the last week of the season that bought him to surgery for his knee. He’s now recovering well ; we need to be patient but we are really optimistic for next season.
You are now coaching great rider Sebastien Chavanel what is the first step to begin to work with such experienced rider ? 

With Sebastien, it’s like a 2nd start as I coached him in 2005 when he was riding in Bouygues Team. I had to stop to work with him as I became Cofidis Coach with exclusive contract.

In 5 years we changed a little but we have a good relationship together; we are now working to prepare a good 2011 season.

We changed his way of training and working on specific skills.

We’ve seen on RACECLEAN website you are now coaching Rudy LESSCHAEVE; who is he ?
Rudy is young French Rider and Lifferdange is his first Pro Team. Rudy called him in some weeks ago as he wanted to have a well structured training. We are working together to build the best relationship possible as it’s the key for good coaching.
Your former team Cofidis recently joined by Florent Barle has not been accepted in ProTour; what do you think about that ?
I left Cofidis in October 2007 quite a long time ago ...
I’m sad for the Team and for the sponsor.
Mr Migraine (Head of Cofidis) is a fantastic cycling fan and his cycling support has to be highly commended. He ‘s supporting Cycling from more than ten years  !
You are now coaching some Pro riders, how do you manage the communication with Pro Teams ?
In our approach we are professional so we try to build the best way of cooperation with the teams. With teams such as AG2R it’s very easy and the communication is very efficient. I was invited during last training camps and we built together communication process based on the season skeleton .

I’ve recently seen a LONDON DYNAMO Rider with a kind French accent; you ?
As you know I’m British Cycling Coach from now 2 years and my club is London Dynamo Prologue. So if you cross London Dynamo Rider with French Accent that’s certainly me.
Thanks for reading


TOP10 Sept'10

IFEC Training Course

At least I took some time to answer to the TOP10 questions . It’s possible that’s all my answers will be anticipated by cycling websites as new project could arrived very soon. In this case, I will try to add some words about them.

Thanks again for the messages received.

Here are the TOP10 questions :

Congrats Lionel for helping young rider to be Professional (Florent Barle). In one interview, Florent said that you ‘taught’  him to be a climber’ ; how you did that ?

Florent was not fully  aware of his potential; my work was to show him progressively he was not only a sprinter.

How about your Pro Team project?

That’s definitively over for next season I tried to push many ways to find a partner without success, it caused me a huge waste of time so I’ve decided to focus on RACE CLEAN ® development for next season.

One of  Race Clean Rider (Romain Lemarchand) will be ProTour riders with ag2r.
2 years ago he was amateur without lot of result ; last year with race Clean he became U23 TT Champîon and Pro rider; what is the secret ?

There is no secret only good work and good communication with Romain. I’m really happy for him; we are now in contact with his new team to plan next season. Anticipation.

We’ve seen some pics of training course for chiropracticians, is it possible to have some extracts ?

I will perhaps post some slides but I don’t think they are relevant without any explanations as I use slides only to illustrate what I say.

Some rumours announced you back in Pro Team next year; true ?

I can’t answer as honestly speaking I don’t know how to think about the different proposals received. If you want an honest answer based on my today’s feelings (30th of September) NO.

Thanks to Bike Pure we read the translation of your interview to French website . Journalist quoted you as great European Performance Expert, what do you think about this new qualification J ??

I didn’t know there was a ’great European Performance Expert’  qualification ... I hope to receive my award soon J
More seriously that was a kind comment from the journalist team about my work and I will not comment their wording.

In the same interview, you speak about biomechanical passport. Is it a new UCI concept ?

That’s a RACE CLEAN®  Concept, I will certainly present it in POWER PEDAL Conference in Coventry (Nov 14th) .

I’ve seen you are using Sizemybike iphone app, what do you think about this App ?

I find it useful as that’s basic. Obviously if you want a well tuned fitting you’ll have to go to specialist but for beginners that’s a good first step. Just for information, I don’t have Iphone.

Are you coaching only road and time trial riders ? 

I ‘ve got more experience on Road and TT but I’m coaching too track riders (one Race Clean® rider  was on last World Tracks Championship).

Any possibility to join Power pedal conference in Coventry even if not ABCC Member ?

Power Pedal is opened to all those interested in cycling visit ABCC website to see details; I will be very happy to meet my followers in Coventry.


Thanks for reading

TOP 10 May'10

Once more I’m late, as season has really started I’ve been overloaded.
Thanks for all your questions I will try to answer to the TOP10 below.

We read on French website your interview where you speak about a Pro Team. Will a new team created this year with you as manager ?

The project I spoke about during this interview exists and I try to find a partner to develop a Race Clean Concept Pro Team.
After 3 years of hard work the project has been finalized and we know how to develop the different ideas we want to bring in Pro Cycling.
Nevertheless we have not yet find a partner to help us. I’m still working hard on it and hope we can do something very soon but the financial period is not very good.

Where can we meet you ?

My diary is well booked and I’m between France, UK and sometimes Spain.
Contact me directly to know when I’m in your country.

We were really interested by your interview performed the Swiss National Radio; could you please detail more about your 2 seasons with Brad Wiggins ?

Brad is an impressive rider and I’m really happy for you to see the results he has. It’s not really a surprise as he was mainly focusing on track during the seasons we were in Cofidis.
For the rest please ask Brad about his training.

A French Cycling Magazine tried to ask you about GB Team Process and Training around Bradley Wiggins; you didn’t answer to these questions. Why ?

As you know I’m now double British Cycling Coach (ABCC & BC); I will not detail on newspaper British Track training made by another coach (Simon Jones).

We’ve seen good result of one of your riders Geoffroy Lequatre (14th in Milan San Remo). Could you please detail how you work with him and how are the relations with his team.

We are working with Geo a step ahead than other riders no because he’s ProTour Riders but only because we met in 2005 after his crash.
Geo is a very good rider and I appreciate a lot to work with him as we can share a lot together.
Regarding Radioshack I met them during Paris-Nice and I was really surprised by how they welcome me.
Working with one of their riders is very simple and they are really open. We have regular phone call and emails to be on track.

In Last TOP10 you spoke about a Cycling Conference in UK any news ?

I will attend ABCC Conference scheduled in November in Coventry.
My topic is still under construction and I hope to have a great pronunciation to be understood  by all the British Coaches.

On your Twitter we read that you are now Bike Pure Ambassador is it true?

It is totally true and I’m very proud to be a Bike Pure Ambassador. Bike Pure founders sent me a very kind card telling me that I had to be thanks for all I was doing for doping prevention. If coach will not lead doping prevention who can do that ? Repressive way is useful but for the future of our sport, prevention is the key.
Once more I would like to highlight that a good coaching and a good performance follow up is the first step of doping prevention.

What will you do as Bike Pure Ambassador ?

I will do my best to help Bike Pure movement growing, we have some plans in preparation; I will speak soon about Bike Pure.

Are you working with a Pro team as Coach ? If not, why Pro Teams do not hire great coach like you ?

Your question is very kind cheers. That’s true, I’m not working as full time Pro Teams Coach for the moment.

I was convinced that you were full time coach ? I read it’s not the case How you manage these activities ?

Well lot of management improvement and lot of hours including the week end.

Will you be back in Pro Tour Teams soon (question asked by Pro rider) ?

I don’t know for the moment but as I said previously I will be happy to work with a Team if they want to ensure great coaching and great performance follow up.

TOP10 November-December '09

First I would like to apologize as I'm really late; my BC activities and the Race Clean Team has mobilized much time than expected. I will try to answer more frequently to your questions.
If you have urgent questions please use the Contact Page on .

We found many things about you on, and, could you please tell us on which site you are really working ?

I'm the founder of all these websites. TrainWithPower is dedicated to present wattage training, Race Clean is my UK Training Structure. For I founded this site with some friend in order to build virtual community but the website is still not finished; it will be developped in 2010.

In France you were interviewed frequently these last weeks. On your Twitter you tweet the situation as funny cause you are more interviewed than when you was cofidis Coach.

Indeed, I found the situation little funny but it was logic to imagine that some French people wants to have some explanations about what I'm doing in UK.

"I'm an ABCC Coach and I really enjoyed your last article on Cycle Coaching Journal, could we read another one soon ?"

It will be the case early next year, I will write an article about Cycling vids analysis.

"You propose through aero optimization; could you please tell us about your experience ? "

  My experience is not only based on the aero I studied in Engineering School and in the University even if it gave me a good basis. I made some wind tunnel testing and I lead many track and road tests.
Now, my method is based on all this experience and the experience I gained with the benchmarking we made with other BC Coaches and athletes.

How many Pro Riders are you coaching for next season ?

In November I was coaching 2 Pro riders : Geoffroy Lequatre (Team Shack) and Romain Lemarchand ( Auber93). 2 other Elite Riders were in contact with Pro Teams but I have no confirmation yet about their contract for next year. It's possible that another Race Clean Rider could be pro rider next season.

Why are you not coaching a Pro Team ? You've got a strong experience to share with the Pros.

The reason is really simple, the projects presented to me the last 2 seasons were according to me not really in accordance with my thought about modern and performance cycling. I prefer for the moment to continue developing Race Clean Training Structure than being involved in Team without any really commitments towards performance.
Of course if a Team will present me a strong project I will be pleased to coach Elite Riders in this team. 

When French Version if your website ( would  be available ?

I thought a lot the 2 last months about this version and for the moment I will not develop French Version. French readers could find many datas about me on the French version of
I will develop a French Version of my UK Training Structure Race Clean.
It will not be another structure, my structure will remain in UK but some pages would be available in French.


What need a rider to join your Race Clean training structure ?

To join Race Clean the rider need to be first in the same line of race Clean Philosophy : Drug-Free Cycling, Respect, Performance optimization, ... and accept sometimes to change a lot about their training routine iof needed

Are you only coaching powermeter owners   ?

I'm not only coaching with wattage as my method is based on a 3 scale intensities (HR, watts and perception), it is fully possible to be coached with 'only' HR and perception.

Are you organizing some conference about Cycling and performance   ?

I'm not organizing these kind of events but I could join some. In the past I make some conference in Hungary and In France (before my move to British Cycling). It is possible that next year I will take part in big cycling conference in UK but it's not officially confirmed yet. I will of course advise you.

Thanks for reading

2009 Season (28-Sept-09)

As I did in May and to clarify many points I've been asked by emails these last weeks, i will answer directly in this page to the TOP10 questions I've received.

Sorry for all of readers waiting a reply from my part y email but I hope this colum will answer the most of you.

What are your doing in UK ?

This question only comes from France as you can imagine !
As I wrote you in May, I'm still French but British Cycling Coach that is to say qualified in United Kingdom. I'm working with the Association of British Cycling Coaches (ABCC) and the British Cycling Federation (BC). During this year of work I met really good persons and Coaches and I'm proud to be qualified in UK. is now available what's the difference with and why did you choose such extension ? is the extension of United kingdom website. As I'm qualified in UK it was for me logical to have an UK extension.
Regarding the content of the website .com and are the same website only the extension is changing !

French Press spoke of you after U23 TT French Championship is it true you're Lemarchand's Coach ? 

It's definitely true, Romain contacted me in january and we are working together since this month. Romain has a great potential and I'm quite sure he could be a great Pro Rider next year. Perhaps for the large public his victory was a surprise but for me it was normal regarding his potential. We worked a lot about TT pacing and management; this work gains him a great victory. 

What is Race Clean UK ?

Race Clean UK is the structure I built in UK. through this structure we are coaching more or less 15 riders all around the world, Romain is one of our Elite riders. 
The structure name is the sum up of our work with great coaching and great training follow up we are doing doping prevention.

Where could we find Race Clean UK jerseys ?

For the moment we just ordered small quantity; if you are interested contact us using the Contact Page and if we have some demands we will order new lot. 

Are you only coaching Elite Riders ?

I'm coaching elite riders and non elite riders.
Depending of the training formula you will choose but Elite Riders and non Elite Riders with Race Clean UK have the same training follow up.
Contact Race Clean UK
or me for more details .

On May you spoke about French website when would it be available ?

My coaching activities and my job took all my time and i didn't find any slot to build my french website. I'm sorry but you will have to wait some additional weeks to read me in French.

Will you be back in Protour next season ?

For the moment, no.

We found your training plans in POLAR website, is it possible to have additional plans  ?

Additional plans for the moment I'm sure but you can downloads many workouts for POLAR on 'Downloads' pages.
GARMIN workouts will be available very soon (training with Heart
Rate and training with cadence).

Are you living in England  ?

No I'm still living in France but I'm in UK every month or more (depending of my activities).


Are you organizing Training Camps  ?

Not for the moment, but I have some contacts with cycling camps in Spain and France, perhaps I will do some coaching sessions in 2010. I will advise you if it's the case.

Thanks for reading.

Thoughts about Cycling in Mallorca (09-May-09)

After 'Velo Magazine' recent article which annouced my 'Departure for UK' qualifying it as 'great loss for French Cycling', I received several emails from Riders (Pro & Amateurs), Pro Team Directeur Sportifs and Cycling Fans.

As it's not possible for me to reply to all these messages, I will use this new page on to clarify some informations and my situation.

Sorry for all of readers waiting a reply from my part but I hope this colum will answer the most of you.

Now British Coach ?

The main question I received what 'is this information true ?'

After some years working on Cycling Performance in France with Pro Cycling Team or Pro Riders it's time for me to have a new Challenge and UK is for me the most exciting.
Through these lines, I want to thank a lot the Association of British Cycling Coaches Members (ABCC) who welcome me at the end of last year and particulary Jim Sampsons and Dr Mark Wilcox.

Why this choice ?

It's the second question in TOP 5.
This choice was a logical choice for me as in 2005 GB Team Members proposed me to be qualified in UK but at this time, it was quite impossible for me to make GB qualification (at the same time I was full time Powertrain Project Engineer in Paris and Performance Engineer for Cofidis); nights were too short ...

After the end of my collaboration with Cofidis Team during more than 2 years where I tried to introduce Power Training Generalization in French Pro Team with use of Dedicated Training Server; it was time for me to have a new Challenge.

Why UK ? 

It's only a personal choice based on affinity and way of thinking, no more.
I just want people to respect my decision; I'm free. is now only in English, French Riders have to read you only in English ?

As I've many exchange with English spoken Riders and Coaches; it was the easiest way for me to write the new version of in this language.
A light French version will be available within few weeks :   

What do you think about Velo Magazine wording 'a great loss fo French Cycling' ?

It's the article writer point of view; I have no comment to make about that.

Thanks for reading.

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